Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Canticle of Breath

With every breath is a universe expanded
and contracted the same as you breathe
endlessly in and endlessly out
but you count one breath,
if you remember to count at all.

The time you think you know is funny like that,

so is the brown flutter of a sparrow's wing
on a cold morning in late December
when your vapor is the breath of dreams
forming crystals you cannot see are silver

and this, too, is breath.

A stalactite was formed while you slept
and your dreaming drips of mineral green
gave birth to limestone runes of praise
in a tongue gone pink deciphering you

in whispers you feel are funny like this

and that, too, is breath.


  1. Wow, Gerry... Supremely beautiful. I'm, well, breathless.

  2. @Katrina: Cheers! Now stop and catch your breath. Ha!

  3. wow, this is damn fine poetry, Gerry. i like this motif of breath you've got going in this one and the previous. lovely.

  4. sharp, your way of thinking is thought provoking here.

    I am smiling,

    how are you?

    welcome joining our poetry picnic this week, any poetry is welcome.