Sunday, November 6, 2011

Early to the Barrow Laid

Early to the chamber laid in a bloom barren bower where
the chairs are shrouded in synthetic white because bare
the long chrome legs would near and laughingly compare
to those naughty thighs pressed blackly lush in nylon sheer

the two crones chatter in cotton candy conspiracy sprays
and salivate about where the open House of Debbie lays
for all the ladies that come to see a purple weave betrayed
by felonious saliva that washes their scalps in bald hearsay.

So early to the barrow laid, unable to grasp arcing tropics south
and topics in northern ears that cannot avoid their carping mouths
even while sitting alone and still while bellied wine erases doubts,
a mind blurs behind my tortoise shells and no breath will out.


  1. This is really a great poem. Good writing, Mr. B.

  2. That was pretty gol-dern nifty, and I very much enjoyed it. Thanks for it, and all the others -

  3. You just get better and better... LOVE this one. It begs to be a song. :-)

  4. Gerry,

    There is a Celtic kind of lilt to this poem. It has the quality of an auld Scottish aire. Perhaps you may be a latter day mode of Robert Burns himself......with a guitar to hand as well?

    Nice to find your words Gerry,

  5. this is bold... rhythm and rhyme.... lovin' it.

  6. "the two crones chatter in cotton candy conspiracy sprays" Favorite line. Amazing! I am so excited to find writers that inspire me to write BETTER:)

  7. @gardenia Girl: Glad you liked a line. Let the right brain speak is what I would say. In other words, it's ok, at least for me, to write things that sound right, regardless of meaning. Your poetry, good as it is, strives to make sense. I'm am not against that, per se, it's just not my style. Who can say? In the end, it's only words. Peace.

  8. Interesting. I like your style and many styles. My poetry doesn't really strive for anything. It just exists in my head as I process things and I feel compelled to write it down. Your poetry makes art of the world. As for words being only words...yes, I suppose. But they still have great power. :)

  9. @gardenia Girl: If you're compelled to write, that's the best thing ever. Just keep writing (and reading) and you'll get better and better over time.