Saturday, December 31, 2011

only if you're counting

A dark blue gray skeleton fish on a grey pink sky at sunset
could be a musky, could be a pike piercing the horizon,

now a small drift into and also away from the possible.

I have seen narwhals approaching from the south
in this most mild of winters

and I was not afraid of the darkness.

To light the bayberry candle and wait for the dusk
is not only sensible,

it is the only possible response.


  1. Yes, only if you're counting! A beautiful drift into and out the year.

  2. @The Unknowngnome & zongrik: Thanks for stopping by and glad you enjoyed.

  3. A very vivid and enjoyable write! Nice!

  4. " a grey pink sky at sunset" :)
    thanks for the smile, happy gooseberry day!

  5. "It's better to light a candle than to curse the darkness"

  6. A lovely write that I found to be most enjoyable. Keep burning the light of hope!

  7. Thanks for comments. Not sure how follow the wordpressers but the bloggers for sure. Yes, a candle is better than darkness. Always amazed at how many wonderful writers are out there. Does a body (and mind) good. Cheers!

  8. not fearing of darkness, great sentiments.

    glad to see you share.
    happy new year.

  9. Gerry,

    A candle and light to guide us into this New Year...Words which give the reader something to mull over, even over a glass of the best red wine.
    Gerry, congratulations on the arrival of your beautiful little grandaughter..Counting number two???
    Happy New Year,

  10. Simply gorgeous. Sorry it took me so long to read it. Happy 2012.

  11. agree with francis....
    a thoughtful and quite lovely blending of mood and image

    ps... i am just back from the depths of a plumbing disaster.... so nice to get back here and read something beautiful.

  12. A tasty poem. Do you write books? Teach classes?

  13. @Eileen: thanks hoin. it's up to number 3. Egads!
    @Francis & Harlequin & Peter: Thanks. Just catching up. Appreciate the reads as always.
    @gardenia: Books? No. This blog is my book. Can't beat the price. Teach? no. I can barely teach myself. Ha!