Thursday, November 12, 2009

birds crash into windows

i. why lemmings have no wings unless supplied by plastic

there was something necessary about the flocking of the birds
and their frenetic quest for the ripe twilight drip of overripe berries

causing an anomalous pace of crashing that seemed, if not anomalous,
at least thickly innocent and bloody and raspberry obscene
for the feathered camera with its lashing snap of obscure eyes:

there are many forms of tethering and all of them are broken.

ii. looking before leaping has its own demise

glass walls are more dangerous than brick
and the mirror is the greatest horror of all,

it is glaring and habitual,

or so I've heard from sages more learned than I,
through lenses ground by the sandy glee of you:

in that moment
by the shore,
you leered,
just before the dawn.

iii. it's hard to retreat from the crowd

an observer might merely chant from the obvious vade mecum,
the richly pebbled leather that goes unquestioned
until the brick-red crayon becomes itself a brick
or becomes a brickwall and the illusion dies too late:

alligator piping is out of season, again?

oh, coco, coco, coco

give me a sign with one of your prehensile digits
or I shall never strut again until I see you sign
a simian prayer of lonely and eternal peace.

iv. mentioning the cage would be too trite

I've got my dark glasses on
is one way of saying that
the world is too much with us:

it gets kind of boring
when the speakers want to blast
into the great want of ears.


  1. Hey Mr. Boyd,

    One of your better ones. Really enjoyable.

  2. I am so taken with the dangers of glass walls and the horrors of mirrors and how you have played these off against each other ... as well as the other " over/againsts" that are both thick and subtle...

  3. This, thickly innocent and bloody and raspberry obscene, does clot in my throat.

    You must a whip to make language obey so willingly.

  4. erin: ah yes, the whip. it sometimes must be wielded, sometimes yielded. ;-)