Monday, May 27, 2013

This afternoon is quiet

Boreas has ceased to blow his chill wind
and our seething Notus sets to sun warmth,

again dragon toes flex hoary yellow claws
free from fresh buttery youth feet but, gasp,

there is sadness too when leafy greens hide
the truth that grasps on every private breath.

Looking for a leafy vein that explains it all but the
pavement only throws up joke cracks at this time.

There's always a repave when macadam crackles.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sans les Mains

I was trying to relax with my mistress
in a little beach front the cheapest dig
but it was a shared rent beat suite not
locked off to suit due to ratty chewed
french and rounded angle hinged fault
when the little runts parent worshiped
intruded as we wanted to grope alone.

Offered ribs a skinny premonition but is
that really the perfect answer to the glory
of sharp surf cuts on blue waves against
a mossy row of suburban garage doors
when an eave buckles over apple floors?

I found a piece of aqua seaglass that
was sanded near to smooth wash before
a tidal rumor came upon our demiurge.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

So many things are not like this

Thirty mile an hour winds blown
into high sky now plangent blue,
but blue is or has to be happy or

those dimples will run bloody too,
and who will spike a palpated mess
to rush a hot pulp of lotus through?

Love meanders circus maximus
sieved to only find a golden now
or a lost ivory comb implicit too
in a farce arcade gone minor blue.

Collecting dryer lint is not as
crazy as forseen post tumble,
weirder spawn of major fray
tumble through a dry land too.

Minor things tinged with purple
point the way to weirder realms,
a meadowlark at cicada dawn
trills a flushed song either way.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Seen in the meadow with curved concrete, brought home to be tried

A thick stalk dandelion impostors a white halo
chucked up in the fraud of an early spring grim
with nose poking into a fake grimace fractal,
a lame asparagus false passport trying to win.

Nice try picked a mugshot in a common jar.