Saturday, April 19, 2014

I suddenly realized

Dead in end, a rock and frosty place in the windshield
from an overheard diatribe on a dim cellphone speaker
indicates bad things done in the past that might a yield
a blossom. Spring erupts now but be a sniffle wreaker:

Amorphophallus titanum, the corpse flower doth reek
fine carrion in the olfactory cobbles left for prim noses
driven quaint for erupts to wait. It's not blue next week
that you need to brush. It rock hard my landlord poses

his background checks of suspected felonies and mirth.
What did she do and when? No record actual known but
now dead ends split against the unwashed wrinkle girth,
her unbrushed tooths, a clawed toe noisily scraping put

completely innocent marking on money and aqua veneer.
I suddenly saw things begat long a gone go murder queer.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

The shorter the history, the shorter

A thousand years went by, came out the same way.
You dig? I do. Did it yesterday? I am still, if I may,
finds my desire for peppadew cheese intact, grown
strongish from a dream, an early spring nap drawn.

There is an orb that crests under razor clouds. Ew!
The brown scab innocent within its safe grey circle
absent-mindlessly flickt with a pale sharp half-moon
surprised with a red trick right before bedtime pickt.

It was a dog, of course, on a dry path in rural Spain
waiting for the olive harvest, waiting for a master to
trust when the press come down. Waiting, as dogs do
wait, for smell things to pant about a pack that matters.

A thousand years went by, came out the same way.
Bloody sheets only half of the story aired at dawn
in vellum. A history lost under the palimpsest's ink
of blue scratched from ivory. Here be gorgons blood
and every scarlet newt is worth gold for breath again.

Somewhere under the royal blue a sweet thing walks
in spring, no small dog, maple early in expected red
buds, nothing new to report but it felt so fresh that
time the sidewalk watched again. It matters completely.

A thousand years went by, came out the same way.