Saturday, August 5, 2017

Body found on beach at Sea Bright

A body found on beach at Sea Bright turns on sand
and breathes: coughs a tangled seaweed at the tide
and saves his soul: what was alive on a fairy strand
left him sole at night, his trench coat dry drunk tied

with its belt in a loop like Bogart, a way to justly sleep
on the slippy giant jetty rocks after a fey roundly night
of joyed carousing: with a kiss unanswered he creeps
down the wooden drop of wounded stairs, takes flight

across the darkened road, dark store under the stairs
closed but unlit merchandise points the drowned way
of escape: denied, salty now with surf spattered tears
he seeks tidal release in a far weedy sea green spray

of midnight. Off the tide in a hollow is a seaside dawn
lost to him in a leaf strewn blind as he stands to yawn.