Sunday, June 14, 2009

the rapture never comes too late

the seductive regret of scarlet lipstick late applied
is easily erased by the chartreuse ferns of a feathery dawn
and a woody prayer of silver moss that is perfect in its worship:

when your flowered skirt is breathlessly lifted
over the variegated heaven of your musky thighs,
ah! there the firm blossom issues, and causes us to climb-

baptized so surely with a rainy spring of hidden desire,
this precious bulb so long buried, in a fashionable arcade,
by the distracting drifts of bleak chatter and snowy bores
has burst through the dam that was always too weak to hold it.

so ecstatic to take the waters, in the roaring way of alpine cures,
from the holy torrents, once reserved, for stark liturgical glaciers:

in the graying cloud of snow melt, an edelweiss has blossomed,
delicious, at the summit, in its white and dusky innocence.


  1. In the words of Paris Hilton, that's hot.

  2. At least, I think it's hot, unless this is about steamships. If it's about steamships it's not so hot.

  3. Your poetry is unique and astounding.

  4. This is... steamy! I like how you've muffled them procreational thoughts rather smartly! Brilliant! Your style is quite unique mate! Keep writing!!!

  5. what a trip. you MAY write!!!!

  6. Musky and steamy, two important ingridients in good poetry!

    I really like this expression: "so ecstatic to take the waters, in the roaring way of alpine cures".

    The theme here matches your musicality well! Brilliant!

  7. If this is jazz, I like the melody and the counterpoint...

  8. Pardon the liberty, but thanks to Angie Ledbetter's idea, I bet you didn't know you'd also written this:- (sort of!)

    In a fashionable arcade, distracting drift of bleak chatter
    is easily erased. The variegated heaven has burst through the dam;
    has blossomed from the holy torrents, with a rainy spring of hidden desire.

  9. Wow. That totally is freaking me out. Is that something already published or just a re-arrangement of my words. If the former, cue Carl Jung. If the latter, I can only posit that jazz really works with words. Thanks in either case, Ms. Jinksy.

  10. And thanks to Angie Ledbetter's idea

  11. The title is very fitting and weaves itself within the whole well.I am liking your words Gerry. I am liking that I am understanding them and feeling them too!

  12. I think I felt that Mr. Boyd...

  13. Thank you Ms. S. Somewhere along the line, I think I felt it too. Mmmmm. Some may call it Voluptas. That will certainly do in most of the interesting and shadowy corners. And, sometimes, words fail to capture the magic of the knots that make us so. Still, we try and, in our grand delusions, almost always in glory, fail.

  14. No, there is no failing here. None.