Sunday, March 28, 2010

then there was an explosion of branches and

Former mandarins use ghostly windows
fronting the dormer to trick the eye,
sashaying her sole segment of dance
in the leopard prints that drove him skyward
and made the window dance and disappear,

and disappear and dance.

How silly to invent an object of worship
and then choose not to be chosen,

and disappear and dance.

Some revelations come in four before sunrise,
a red glow and a blue glow barely focussed,
and the lifting of a veil, speckled legs and silver feet,

the revelations start here:

A drab fixation on pips and pips within
the liquid fray of consciousness,

the squish, squish, squish behind the eye.

Isolation and the dismissal of disturbing thoughts,

fictional pulp beneath the wide pore rind
that yields to the scrap of glistening teeth.

Distractions that limit attention to the critical bonds,

the sweet arc that leaps from eye to eye
and electrifies the soul with the tart of time .

Thirty-seven glasses of squeezed juice
to take away in separate paper cartons
will never be enough to make you orange,

to dance and disappear.

That's as good as it's ever gonna get
and it's damn good too.


  1. as always,
    this one's also
    damn good, Gerry.

    yes, damn good!

    i simply loved:
    "the sweet arc that leaps from eye to eye
    and electrifies the soul with the tart of time."


    i wanted it to end so:
    "That's as good as it's ever gonna get
    and it's damn good at that."

    but then, that's just me.

    nonetheless, i thoroughly enjoyed
    its twits and turns.


  2. You've homed in on a low perspective once again. (If I have this right - always IF with Gerry Boyd.) I wonder on your ability and drive to do this, fall so closely visually in on something and then have it organically grow throughout a poem. I get Lynchish twinges in the belly following you through.


  3. @Noxy: Thanks. Interesting comment on the ending. I think your version works just as well. Funny, isn't, how different scans of lines have different subjective resonances. My lines go through so many permutations in revision that sometimes it seems that the final version is just luck of the draw or just the one that seemed right at some moment, the moment then gone. So other versions, yeah. I like to think that all possibilities are possible.

    @WIAW: IF I only had a brain...A heart, the nerve. They are all just riffs on something that cannot otherwise be articulated. So, yeah, organic growth is one way to describe the process. Which ties in nicely with Lynch, who I adore. Not sure if you've seen any of his non-film conceptual art where he lets organic materials (I'll use that as an euphemism) decay and documents the process. The flip side, of course: He not busy being born is busy dying, xo

  4. this was a fantastic poem Gerry, very high on imagery :)

  5. Excellent. The first stanza got it off to a cracking good start, I thought. Very impressive, the way the standard was maintained from then on. Excellent blog.

  6. @william: Much obliged.

    @Mr. King: Thanks, love the "cracking" adjective.

  7. "How silly to invent an object of worship
    and then choose not to be chosen" - this struck me as being particularly true of human nature. This poem made me want to dance with its words and disappear into its essence. Really enjoyed the falling of rhythm and language. Lovely!

  8. No, I've never had the chance to see anything like that from Lynch. I will seek it out though. His mind...his mind!

  9. Some revelations come in four, and calamity in three's. Distractions that limit attentions? Legion.

    Thanks for peeping over at my place. I appreciate your presence. I'll be back, when distractions are at a minimum :)

  10. @CathM: If you've survived your challenge and I hope you're resting up for another go. Poetry and dance: perfect together. And disappearance sweet!

    @WIAW: Lynch has a subscribe-able site. I think some of the content is free, though.

    @WandW: Welcome. Appreciate the interest. Life often seems to be nothing distractions. ;-)

  11. Felt the squirt of juice in the eye with this one!

  12. Love the squish, squish, squish behind the eye and how it's mirrored in the squeezing of the orange juice.

    Thanks for stopping by my place. xx