Thursday, June 24, 2010

there was also water too

she handed me a card
but it was not as funny
as she had lead me to expect

I did not use an opener
but it may have been in a dream
where I was suddenly growing older

she wanted to be bedded
I was quite sure of that
for she told me so herself

collecting bling for the Ondines
I was also quite sure
that I was not intended


  1. she wanted to be bedded...! I have just learnt a new word...! I am thinking how would I say that in spanish...

  2. A birthday card, mermaid jewelry and a sad ending. Interesting.

  3. Gerry,

    This piece overflowth with emotion......
    and a little touch of mystery............


  4. @Sandra: "bedded" might be an archaic usage. Shakespeare: "He wedded me but bedded me not/claiming the not was forever". Great pun on not/knot there.

    @JH: Hmmm....yes, thanks.

    @willow: perfect summary as usual. cheers.

    @Eileen: probably the simplest thing language-wise I've written in a while. just a little experimental 'messin' around'. i was trying to see how much I could say with the fewest simple words. very unlike the heavily laden adjective fests i usually create. cheers.

  5. ps. just noticed i left a word out. rats. it's in there now. early readers cheated. ha!

  6. hmmm, i like these few words. kinda playful i'd say

  7. @Shadow: Glad you got that part. Thanks.

  8. Gerry,

    Now the myterious language has taken an even more mysterious turn, with the sudden addition of a 'left out'!

    That's a new style of 'messin around!


  9. Don't Ondines collect souls ? of which yours must certainly then sparkle. Bling indeed.

  10. Your writing is always intriguing no matter what the subject. Look forward to your next post.

  11. I find this interesting and a great blend of something modern and classic. I'm enjoying reading your posts!

  12. @Tsionah: Thanks. Apt description. I can't shake the past so I'm kind of a neo-modern. Maybe someday I'll grow up. Ha! Cheers.

  13. @WaW: Not sure about that but they do love the bling. ;-)

    @Carrie: thxs Carrie. that means a lot. pretty much on a weekly schedule. Cheers.