Sunday, August 29, 2010

Can I get a witness?

A rearview mirror with silver reversed

so motley reflects a bald-faced ride

of forward lusty sweaty rolls, reet slide

and how those sideview lips are pursed-

arisen, a crispy vision might have sunk

erect when almost stopped traffic

genuflects, a feast this scarlet trick,

ash ridden sackcloth firm in trunk

a purring look at me growls fantastic

preached as con jesus the holy way out

squared from grave to holy roller doubt

two short arms boxed grace cast plastic-

ask a mirror's imperfect glass to reveal

a savior's perfect hidden smirk unreal.


  1. Gerry, I enjoyed this very much - the juxtaposition of temporal and religious, and being contained within sonnetary form made it nice and concentrated, too

  2. @Antonionioni: Props to the master of the form. Not sure how or why this became sonnetary. It just did. Cheers.

  3. If imperfect glass could correct congestion and gnarl, I would gladly trade all the flat pristine surfaces which reflect with such excellency. There is a plus to getting old. Mirrors have a soft focus now as my imperfect eyes now self correct age :)

  4. @W&W: :-). By george, I think she's got it!

  5. Great blog, lovely creative work !

  6. @short poems: Thanks Marinela. Much obliged.

  7. I'm sure the cast plastic car Jesus is beige.

  8. @willow: I removed it just to trick you and you saw right through me. Rats! ;-)

  9. When I was young the first thing I learned to read was "Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear"
    Your poem is marvelous.

  10. Nice how the jammed language mirrors the traffic congestion. Really enjoyed this one.

  11. @Autumn: Yes, mirrors are a thing of mystery. Thanks.

    @rToady: Insightful read. :-)

  12. Nice blog! :)
    I liked the last two lines of the poem very much. :)

  13. Thank you for dropping by my poetry blog and leaving such encouraging comments. I am reading your blog now and enjoying your work.

  14. @Sea Dream Studio: You're very welcome and thank you.

  15. A great idea and very ell put into effect. It works very well, I think.

  16. Gerry,
    I really like this for the mixture of near 'road rage' and the overpowering fear of just might be revealed in that rearview mirror.
    That good old religious mallet!
    Excellent Gerry.

    Best wishes, Eileen

  17. @Eileen: There's a revised version on a facebook note if you want to play 'can you spot the difference?'. The one on FB is better, I think, but I am too lazy to update this version. maybe later. ha!

  18. Gerry,
    To use your own words, RATS!!!!!

    I'll FB soon,
    Best wishes,

  19. this was a great read for me because it made me inhabit so many places and images simultaneously, from the mirror to the trunk. i also liked the irreverence .... and the sweet counter-pose of the title and the last line.
    fun, too.

  20. "a savior's perfect hidden smirk unreal" ~ aint that always the way

  21. @Harlequin: I try to cut as many facets as the stone will bear. Cheers.

    @Pisces I: Indeed.