Tuesday, September 7, 2010

the prospectus is inscrutable

There is a smudge on my glasses
inside the dreams of the flower nod
which provides the landscape I need
as I imagine a foil scar on my left cheek
to enhance my appeal with the court
in a rebirth of the cool that occurs
three hundred years too late.

A model lighthouse in the front yard
of a Cape Cod fifty miles from the ocean
does not make me smell salt air.

If you want to get all brass tacky about it
I don't really care.

I practice the high art of giggling
at a point far removed from the whine
of pool filters in the morning.

The touch of my penis feels good in my hand.

I am a semi-animated object
barely aware of my own motivations
unable to escape things that are black and yellow
and all that remains is a figment
to be pawed and prodded in imagination only
no less visceral than the now
littered with carcasses at regular intervals.

What the mockingbird told me
is good enough for me.

The prospectus is inscrutable.

A bird chirping once is the sound of eternity.

I am the faint cosmic giggle of an unproduced producer.


  1. Your writing can be so innocent and so provocative. I just love every word of it. Nice. Really really nice.

  2. @Autumn: Once in a while I allow myself to use the word "I" but even "I" am not sure what is real and what is not. ;-)

  3. ...I am the faint cosmic giggle of an unproduced producer.
    Oh I feel like that right now...
    you genius!!

  4. Well done again. Provacative, alluringly erotic, and child-like, the images here are beautifully constructed into a great read.

    This is poetry!!

  5. Gerry, juz' missed all ur 1deful pieces of poetic verses all these months..need to catch up with them one by one....this was again was a topper!!! I've always lud the choice of ur words..its amazing!!! You do give us chances to get such powerful reads..Gr8 one!!

    P.S. Hope you remember me! Fiducia...after months of not blogging, am back to see what my bloggiepals have got..!!

  6. @Fiducia: Of course I remember. Pink text on black. Welcome back.

  7. @Dulce: Thanks. Genius? ha! I prefer 'knucklehead'. Better giggling potential.

    @Akeith: Thanks Akeith. I value your opinion. :-)

  8. Gerry,
    Perhaps this is indeed, your most personal dreamscape, yet!

    Lost in the words,

  9. hmm, interesting! I must read again. :)

  10. @JH: Sorry one read per customer strictly enforced! ;-)

  11. i totally enjoyed this piece; so seductive in its rambling prose and its nicely twisty admonitions.
    it was a treat from word one to the end.

  12. I enjoyed this piece Gerry! I loved the lines "What the mockingbird told me...."
    delightful read!

  13. @Harlequin: Yes,this IS pretty prosey for me. What the heck...mixing it up a bit. Ha!

    @Mr. Baker: Much obliged sir, much obliged.

  14. The kernel of this poem, for me, "to enhance my appeal with the court/in a rebirth of the cool" this foreshadows the exploration of the senses that you do very well.

  15. Nice. If you have time…check out my poetry blog. I’d love to hear any feedback. www.liliyamazur.blogspot.com

  16. @Dianne: :-)

    @Liliya: Thanks. Pretty sure I was following your blog. Will take a closer look. ;-)

  17. fantastic! Gerry, I love to read you my friend. ;) xo

  18. @Perfectly Twisted: I love when you read me too!