Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wolf Rock, 2010

From the clouding gray of leafless endless branches
it bursts into view along the timber sprawled borders
of a hushed path where a rock wolf on granite haunches
was what was most guessed to prize the image hoarders,

a suddenly there dramatic cliff that yawns with height,
an immediate rise of quartzite from soft brown sponge
and green moss, the scattered snowlike sense of white
that catches the eye's corner and, almost deja vu, plunges

into self a sense of something to be scaled and divined.
There is no sense of the wolf in likeness to apprehend,
only the makeshift joy of hewn thrones under scrubby pines
and a crevice table spread with apples, cheese, and pita bread.

The faint sliver of a crescent moon over gray veins diurnal
is the howl of a wolf that stays a howl though mutely internal.


  1. "The faint sliver of a crescent moon over gray veins diurnal
    is the howl of a wolf that stays a howl but silent and internal."

    Beautiful, just beautiful, Mr. B.

  2. And who says nature poetry is dead? You've just proved them wrong.

  3. Stellar imagery. Your words carve a tantalizing scene.

  4. @Akeith: I've become a naturalist sonneter. Ha!

    @rToady: Just messin' around. When life gives you nature, make nature-ade.

    @Katrina: Cheers for your kind words.

  5. BTW, there's a prose description and some photos of Wolf Rock @

    of you have seen it.

  6. Wonderful sonnet, Gerry. After reading it, I enjoyed just going down the end lines: great words.

  7. You had me at moss. But I adore branches, borders, haunches, hoarders. Gorgeous.

  8. #Gordon: thanks, not sure which version you saw. i did a gentle edit upon waking this a.m.

    @willow: Lady Chatterly, is that you? ;-)

  9. Nice poem love the way you rhymed the words

  10. @Gaurang Rao: Cheers and welcome. Couple of near misses there too. Ha!

  11. Gerry,
    I have been keeping up to date with your progress through the picture book of America.
    The words you have written evoke a wonderful imagery.
    You and Wendy will have a wealth of views and experiences to recall via the medium of camera, or Gerry more appropriately for this blog, through your treasure chest of colourful words.
    Lovely to have visited your blog again.
    Eileen :)

  12. @Eileen: Cheers. We consider ourselves to be 'a couple of knuckleheads on the loose'.

  13. this was a lovely piece, and the word choice and use of line lengths and rhythms were so effective.

  14. lovely word painting.
    keep it up.
    I enjoy your work here.


    Hello, How exciting to land on your magical poetry land.
    Hope you well.

    I am inviting you to join us for poetry potluck fun.
    First Time participants are encouraged to link in 1 to 3 random poems to share, old poems are welcome. Hope to see you in.

    I signed in to follow your blog.
    welcome follow us back.

    Happy Tuesday!
    You Rock!