Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wekiwa Springs, 2010

Born to churn opaquely, the circular headwater spring's
constant warmth respires in rocky black and sandy aqua
where a fuming rises under igneous prisms of mossy cling
and a darting mirth of minnows quicksilvers the grotto spa

near a drained lantern's orange glow in fast fading light.
Scant promise from a sandy trail though beige meadows
where the orange blaze on gnarled pine fades to white
and leads a squint astray under the coniferous boughs.

An arc of bending darkness mistaken in creeping fog
skulks crackled under the foot near grey palms in line-
heard by a black paw a scratch on the fallen bark log
under the swirl of Ursa Minor and a sky dimmed pine

which float overhead in a glass from reflective remove
and, in tracking the stars, you can sense the earth move.


  1. 14 lines put to rigorous use. "you can sense the earth move" in tracking this poem.


  2. You camping Gerry Boyd? A trail is a promise, isn't it! A path to somewhere, forged already, but nontheless virgin if you've never traveled it. I wish I could post a picture in a comment. Yestarday I saw a sapling and beneath it, a perfect ring of a crop ring. So bizarre. Nature. Always mysterious.

  3. @Arkava: Cheers!

    @WandW: You didn't get the memo? We've dropped out of society and are living On The Road. (For more pedestrian details and lots of photos, check out


    Yeah, I love the fairy rings. There's a nice little anecdote about them in the author's introduction to Dylan Thomas' Collected Poems. I'd quote it here but I don't know it by heart and it's not online. If you can't find it, let me know. I may have a copy squirreled somewhere in the campervan.

  4. On the road! Neat. Didn't know. I'll check that out -

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  6. Gerry,
    I really enjoyed reading this poem.
    It has a sense of your present abode about it and a lovely warmth.

    Best wishes,

  7. You transported me to a grotto spa.

  8. @eileen: thanks for the read. It's been cold in Florida so I have to create my own warmth. Ha!

    @tess: did you dig the beige?

  9. I've said it before but, once again, you prove that nature poetry is far from dead, making the painter in me very happy. Keep fanning those embers.

  10. @rToady: glad to make you happy. I can't even draw a stick figure so I have to try to render with words. Even that's a challenge.

  11. I loved the way you wrote the sonnet

  12. @gurang: thx. I've been on a sonnet kick lately. Why? I do not know. Ha!

  13. this makes me want to find a woods, crouch within a full summer's or a spare winter's grove, and gaze up and all around. quite a nice arc, here.

  14. @Hareliquin: Thanks for making me :-)

  15. From mirth of minnows to moving earth, this poem had delighted every nook and cranny of my poetic persona!

  16. @Jinksy: Yes, part of this sonnet kick which disappeared as mysteriously as it had appeared. I thought I was too old to go through 'phases'. Ha!

  17. We live on a part of the springs. It is truly a gorgeous place. Thank you for this poem! Enjoy your travels!

  18. thanks grace. it's an old one. funny, i live in florida now.