Saturday, February 5, 2011

the lithography of nocturnes is not bitter

In a licking split lashes of laughter,
the tortoise shell brushed accident,
a blush once imagined in a minor sandstorm
of tornadic blue powder, dusted corners
at the rusty table in a dressing alcove
hidden from light by nocturnal browns

a once-famous name, red scraped amber light
behind the face, long ticked, when drawn lines
drew hot presses and the splattered greens
were draped upon a scene of woven linen.

Now the bounce is just a boing,
a bubble issuing from the dream of Krishna,

a rough of bristle dabbed in black
upon the arches archly formed of bore,

a carve upon the greasy stone
that is only borne by heavy pressing
from a gearbox beyond the grave,

a copy of the controlled accident
on tee-shirts for a dime.


  1. And they make Che cola, too. I think being reduced to bubble-icon status is almost as good as the fate discussed in Beowulf; only, after all, our deeds live on. Bobble-headed or not.

    Thanks for the poem, Gerry.


  2. Old 333: A clairvoyant reading on your part. Cheers.

  3. Gerry,
    You have returned to your easel with both words and image.
    An imprint left from your very colourful words......

    Perhaps an idea is in hand to commit your images to an extensive , but much more 'middle of the road', tee shirt collection!

    Best of Sunday,

  4. Oh the atmosphere! You can feel it. I can practically smell the air. I have favorite lines from some of my poems, but how can you even decide? Every line is something so magnificent. As always I crave more to ponder. Very nice work!

  5. @Eileen: Perhaps. I'm considering an Astral Nomads store. Heck, we have a logo. Thanks for the continued reads. All the best to you.

    @Autumn: Please, you're making me blush. Just messing around with words really. This is all I got out of Austin from a print-making exhibit at the museum. Since there was no photography allowed, I had to paint my own picture. Ha! Cheers.

  6. quite the word painting!!
    and the tee shirt denouement was a nice touch

  7. @Harlequin: Thanks for the continued reads.

  8. I am currently obsessed with your work. Jus sayin.

  9. @Lephisthurialia: Obsess away. Perhaps I'll write some more. Appreciate the reads. Cheers.

  10. I would appreciate that ;DDD