Monday, October 31, 2011

a reading from the dry ventricle

Ghosts in grey drift a room crossed lob
away, now devoid of eyeballs cloudy clear,
it's a creaky door that denies a greasy knob
not easily opened by the red pulsed fears

flowing down blank corridors, what the fuck,
into the freshness of a stem cut bouquet
standing on a high ledge and looking up 
to freeze a vertigo season where lilies lay.

Each fleshy moment passes in pedestrian motion
because of thrusts remaining safely asleep
and the question never becomes a question
of pulse when the pachysandra slowly creep

over cooked rimmed orange edges on ground
to throbbing at dawn for a Quixote in clouds.


  1. @Goose: Cheers. Your blog looks interesting.

    @Lloyd: Gonna pass. I'm an atheist.

  2. perfect for the date.....
    my favourite line: it's a creaky door that denies a greasy knob. sublime!

  3. @Harlequin: Oh yeah. Halloween. Ha!