Saturday, December 3, 2011

when the sun arcs low at dawn

cherry red scales of coloratura scent drift lightly
white across gleaming uplifted patinas of sound

and rhythm cannot exit so quickly across deer
skin stretched taut against pale December skies

of cirrus and crystal ice that brush near heaven
with vertebrae scales frozen stiff sky high in azure

canvases chiaroscuro field and ground blanched
to spin a colorless globe with blue focus glowing

on iconic foothills whose spiny bones revel under
the leafless supplication of grey trees that reach

for a god that is half-moon hidden behind fictions
that arise from bored parchment dried to reaching

so far too far when the sun arcs low at dawn


  1. Your poetry sings Gerald!...and the words dance perfectly together...I do like the last lines echoing to the title...

  2. @Danielle: Poetry should be about creating music with words so I value your comment quite a bit. Merci Beaucoup.

  3. lovely piece. i especially liked " half moon hidden behind fiction" ; very nice.

    i am also happy to be catching up on reading your past few posts. i have been quite ill and away from my blogging delights for a few weeks....

    so nice to see your usual lyrical and imagery-quixotic work....

  4. @Harlequin: you not well :-( but thanks for rising to read. take of yourself please.

  5. i've read most of your poetry posts. i think this is my favorite.

  6. @gardenia Girl: thx hon. i always like my last one best too. then i forget about it and move on. ha!

  7. sharp words.
    well pruned poetry.

  8. wonderful....sometimes, short verse works wonders too.

  9. thx. i mostly only write short verse.

  10. December sky is tough,
    brave way of facing the music.

  11. cheery blossom makes me smile.
    cool write.

  12. the world is a mixed and complicated place,
    glad to see a glance of that in your eyes.

    happy rally.