Sunday, March 25, 2012

Just outside the door

An echo of loud blossoms blasts white insistent chimes
and lost Westminster resounds in a pink memory of time
ticked down grey granite walks where clocks neatly wound
call back rainy centered smells of a paradise moistly found.

Tented under the peppermint boil one can easily fear the cure
that some say scalds but those voices raised in steam cry rain
and the time I almost found you missing came but near assured
over a mist of Avalon condensed that neatly kissed the drain.


  1. Neat and tidy rhymes, sensory engagement and a well-constructed metaphor all make this quite an enjoyable piece. Cheers!

  2. nice work on the rhyme scheme and ( your usual wonderful)images... i liked the reference to the mists of Avalon....