Sunday, June 8, 2014

Crossing the cross with crossed lines

Winning tickets never cashed sent in cold transit
across the black river via mail stamped just now
bring golden joy. A thousand white numbers clog
up a wronged call list, too hard of hearing for late

offers when six digits are weak, ten way too strong.
When we left, he left too, purplest shiner a coffin &
all too much, unanswered phone calls also too much
for any to bear. A power of attorney can help grasp
the littlest tear of all. You can take my money now

but you can't take that one thrilling moment long ago:
when sunset sea-breezes whispered all I need to know.


  1. The last two lines do it for me. Very beautiful they are and will stay with me. They are the kind of words that do.

  2. agree with SarahA!!
    but the whole wraparound thing you have going here is lovely.
    I am back and catching up .... still in the land of the living after a cancer year or so.... so nice to see that you are still at it and going strong.