Saturday, March 21, 2015

All the Faces Shaded by Evening Maples

Checkered blue curtains undulate in the light spring
breeze, carrying twilight kickball screams sore from
macadam shins skinned up to a second floor screen,
taunting the feverish in close quarantine whose rashy
grasp implores but cannot hold a tiny pine that stays
deep with inchoate needles pale green and yellow in a
hidden hole drilled some days past under swirled teal
tile pried loose where the glue was hastily misapplied.
The brown scab innocence within its safe grey circle
is absent-mindlessly flicked. A pale sharp half-moon,
it surprises with a red eruption right before bedtime.


  1. lovely imagery on that evening maples.


    check out an award for you today, post the tag in your blog,
    nominate another poet for week 82, and leave a link under our post so that we follow your nomination next time.

    happy writing

  3. great imagery as usual. Nice to be able to get back in here... had some blogger blocks... but all good now. Lots of catching up to do!
    Nice 2015 work!