Saturday, September 10, 2016

If I died right now, I'd have to say it was a pretty fantastic life

Big cursors want very badly to run your life
for in you value exists the nature of which is
lost today. When a cold rain wafts grey grief,
and pebbles a little dampening puckered kiss

it is possible to forget life, if only at the punch
of hazy late afternoons. Haze and cold together
remainder deep pockets that should be scarlet
and free. But should but really hurts your heart.


  1. Oh, well. It's us against an uncaring world. Thanks again. Hope all is well up there in the cold.

  2. So it would seem.
    Things are well up here but cold.
    I've been writing again.

  3. Good for you. I get lines in my head once in a while still but then I just go 'what's the point?'. I wrote a whole poem in a 'nap haze' and then forgot it when I got up. Ha!

  4. Hi Gerry, hope you are surviving and thriving. Strange days have found us indeed.


  5. Hey Akos. Great to hear from you. I dropped off facebook as I am sure you know. We survived Nixon, We'll survive the dark lord and his evil minions. I hope. Time to gear up for the resistance. Never too old to do the right thing even when the right thing is left. You are a child of the Magyar resistance if I remember correctly. Looks like Washington State is in the forefront, Florida not so much, except for Orlando, which is very progressive. Cheers.

  6. Gerry, Time to gear up is right. Trying to groom my boys in the ways of resistance. Bought a turntable and am playing my old LPs from the 70's - Volunteers, CSN, Dylan for them, giving them a sense of what went before. Enjoying the blue bubble that is Seattle and Washington. Can't believe the cast of characters in charge - spawn of Carl Rove etc. More evil than Nixon, and more amateur, if that is possible. Up the revolution!