Monday, October 12, 2009

dripping sweat into the crescent

i. bastet leered when you sanded the dog-star

the dynastic womb of your drooping limestone desire
had prickled the chipped tomb of my pharaonic intent
when the crescent dove flooded the canine drawl at dawn:

you can't be serious.


how many lascivious cones does it take to mold a croissant dominant,
patiently, into a steamy delta buttered by kohl black nightfall,
an empire once mummified in a chronic loss of apocryphal noses
hidden inside the starry rolls and ermine wraps of buttery resolution?

welcome, once again, to the boredom of eternity:

where the fuck is my cat?

ii. the secret ministry of frost is the first misdemeanor

you were caught by the generous green boughs of hemlock,
before the sacred teas had browned your crispy veins,
before you slept, awhile, in the scratchy embrace of velvet fingers-

misdemeanor the second:

before high-piled books, in charactery-

misdemeanor the third:

the lone and level sands stretch far away.

call me serial:

oops, I did it again,
but badly and out of time.

isn't it romantic?

iii. not a moment is ever wasted

always, but only in memory must we return
to the moments when the sleek quenching rain
abundantly splashed your freckled face and
unexpectedly gleamed the shimmery grain of alder beams
in that secret orange loft under the gauzy sun of winter
where bits of dessicated hay anointed drooping marigolds-

it was the day your eyes rolled, timelessly,
into the whiteness of tomorrow.

it was the day we died in parallel,
like all great lovers do:

what a pity to be born again.


  1. I love the way you experiment with form and sounds.

  2. Love the flow, the starts and stops, the way your words feel when spoken. Nice writing.

  3. this is f-ing brilliant, Gerry.

    The injection of Coleridge is seamless. As always your images are brand new and pulsing. But this,

    "it was the day your eyes rolled, timelessly,
    into the whiteness of tomorrow."


    This needs to be seen by more people.

  4. "it was the day your eyes rolled, timelessly, into the whiteness of tomorrow." Awesome!

    I had a funny feeling of being hypnotized after I reached the ii. section because of the poem's fluid yet powerful structure and animated imagery.

    You are such an innovative poet.

  5. This is a roller coaster ride of experimentation... from Egyptian mythology to episodes on earth and eternity. I do enjoy your distinctive style and voice. Your poetry refuses to be pigeonholed.

  6. hey megs, what about the keats, shelley, melville, and britney spears?

  7. Doh! I'm always blinded by my Samuel.

    Yes, our other friends (excluding Brit as a friend) work in beautifully as well.

  8. eternal and earthy and brilliantly crafted!

  9. The stanzas gives me a feeling of earthly delights and a flowing inventiveness. Very fine experimenting with the elements.

  10. quite mesmerizing... I especially liked: call me serial.... something about that line, especially linked with the "regret" of being born again...

  11. Hi Gerry

    I enjoyed this one best of the ones I've read so far - but a thumbs-up generally from me!

  12. thx Antonionioni. I remain humbly in awe of your daily sonnets. You must be the force that through the green fuse....