Sunday, October 25, 2009

it's a strange evolution that drives

i. suprise! it's a mutation

the blossomed cherry branch was deeply trapped
in our bursting spring of unexpected exuberance:

we laughed, if you remember, when we snuck
behind the white history of the blistered fence,
never suspecting a scarlet freedom so deliciously close:

from the deep retrospective of a pearly cirrus swallow,
we never expected, then, the opalescent snarl of a dragon.

ii. i'm sorry, were you saying something?

to be in a time and in a place and to do a thing
is exactly equivalent
to being in another time and in another place
and doing another thing:

the skull still smiles from the hedgerow
after the balky deer have naturally bolted.

sometimes, there is a point for tears.


  1. We can be in more than one place at the same time... or in the same place at different times...
    Like this one a lot!!

  2. indeed, sometimes there is ... there is a wistful sadness here for me, a sense of interchangeability that I wish were not the case. nicely done...

  3. Lovely poetry. Don't ever go for 'beat' stuff! Stay the way you are!

  4. sometimes, there is a point for tears. love this