Monday, November 23, 2009

ectasy found in a seaside market

there was little between our rough geometric god,
dreaming of pale supplicants in chessboard robes,

and the encouraged benediction
of smooth white pebbles
that tumbled onto the silver strand
in a chaotic foam of shelled joy;

who could not sense the saline grace
of that warm and briny rhythm,
the rhythmic perfection that erupts
from the incessant sand of eternity.

champagne, the descant of marvelous claret
and a frivolous mink with an upstaged shout
that, seductively, stole the freckled show:

it was the day a million of me
met a million of you
and echoed a million harmonies
that, in harmony, echo still.


  1. awwww....i love echos.... :) very sweet

  2. hot damn, this is LOOOOVE!!!! take me with you next time?!

  3. thanks a lot for your comment on my blog Intermittent Voices, I'm glad to be introduced to your poetry, what I've read so far looks intriguing

  4. beautiful... the sentiment here is so nicely and subtly embedded.