Thursday, November 26, 2009

I do things I do not understand: volume infinity

I had a daughter who bounced upon my knee,
she was the light of my life with her giggling glee.

one day she smiled at a boy from another tribe,

so me and her uncles
took her to a barren place


buried her to her neck
to prevent indecency


threw rocks at her head
until we were sure that she was dead.

we have cellphone pictures and video
if you need proof that I'm a man.


  1. A stunning poem.
    It's the last line that burns the most.

  2. Brutally honest... the goddess thanks you.

  3. Right...time for men to change. Too much proof of manhood, for too long. How are the boys doing? Like the fathers?

  4. quite effective.... courageous commentary on so called innocent good intentions and priorities

  5. Wow Gerry. A brave subject, but a good approach to it, as you've shown up the callousness and sheer inhumanity of these acts through it being so matter of fact, and through showing that it all boils down to the proof of masculinity. How can anyone think this is acceptable behaviour? You just can't fathom it can you??

  6. no I cannot Pinkerbell. no amount of moral relativity, of which I have a lot, can help me make sense of it. I usually don't write so straight-forwardly, but that just had to come out that way.

  7. It sort of brings to mind the new sort of bullying that is so prevalent in our schools these days. Filming bashings on mobile phones and posting them on the web. and for what purpose?
    And these people don't think they're doing anything wrong.

  8. It left me speechless for a while.

    The ending burns as Megan says.

    "So much for honesty, but you can go and fuck yourself in a manner you may please" are famous lines from a movie or something. I would hate to use them on you.

  9. Straight to the point....You put it across just perfect.