Friday, December 18, 2009

the flavor of simplicity is hidden yet pleasant

It is starkly the fragrant lattice
of leaf-stripped branches black
that gauzes the linen soft of river dusk
and frames, in its pink expansive glow,
the fuzzy drop of a glacial velvet sun.

An arced string of parti-colored pears,
strung in a scarlet garden ripe with rain
echoes and re-echoes in the hushed ludic night.

Come to be drowned in eyes aqua and lacustrine,
framed by a pine torch of flickering doubts
beneath the needles of a wavering sigh
that absolves, in grace, the attic stairs of almost.

You are merely a liquid bag of liquid bags
draped on calcite branches of porcelain white,
a ghost of gray silk that quivers in the breeze.

To see what cannot be seen except through mist
is often hidden in the immanent thrill of now,
the pearly lies from a teal bowl of steaming tea.

So you hang your blue-striped bathrobe
on the chipped corner of the closet door,
skipping the knobby habit of the brass hook
in order to thank your white and holy god
that it was Bellamy, and not Rothberg,
that came to pave the driveway.


  1. simplicity described most eloquently!

  2. I find the imagery eerie and lush, nice combination.

    And I really like the espresso-effect of the final words:

    "that it was Bellamy, and not Rothberg,
    that came to pave the driveway"

  3. Steaming tea.. yes! Bravo for this Gerry!

  4. hushed ludic night .. exceptional !

    Very nicely framed GErry. And you have the knack of ending your poems in a very unrelenting fashion. Giving the reader, something to relish, and cherish ! Bravo !

  5. I especially liked: the attic stairs of almost

    and the textures both literal and functional in this piece are wonderful.. you do this so well. I frequently have these fulfilling haptic experiences reading your work ... thanks.

  6. And I do it again and again, read your title like a never ending banded bracelet and try to understand. And while I don't, I do enjoy

    Gerry Boyd, you are very tricky. You are a shape shifter. You have me confused. I'm fairly certain that is not you in that photograph.


  7. Love the flow of this one... and its delicate tone.

  8. very subtle...I enjoyed reading...!

  9. Simple is what we make difficult to achieve

    I hope you are enjoying the holidays Happy New Year

  10. Hi Gerry -

    Couldn't resist commenting on the line,
    'You are merely a bag of liquid bags...'

    Not very romantic but it could work... No, seriously, a good memorable stand-out line for me.