Tuesday, December 1, 2009

positing a moon of isosceles and tide

i. sometimes we hope there are talismans that can distract the fisher

what is prescribed by the dessicated wise
with their vertical slits and alligator eyes,

leave them to leer with their yellowing leer
and wait-

until our dreamy dream of the moldy rye commences:

then, we shall resume our habits imagined from the sand-
we will bobble at will in iceberg blue among the laughing blue,
laugh again where joyous scales are washed by blue
in a laughing shimmer of also laughing laughter blue.

ah! selchie, come to me in a form that magically matches
the creeping sundrop, my rough sweater, and the orange tide-

if I were a sea leopard laughing in the salty tide,
I would only bite you, nicely, while rolling underwater:

I no longer care for herring.

ii. alone on the strand but not in those dreams of sand

a flowery sonnet a day is anorexic to sum
with all dem iambs and such tricks that seek
to flatter the notches of conquests begun.

from how many realities is it possible to flee?

I only ask because I'm counting on something-
algebraically, I would claim that n is greater than zero
but that does not sound sufficiently endearing for now

and I can see that you are not melting.

I have attempted to capture something:

it's just laughter during blue abundance,
and a crystallized frolic in freezing water.


  1. this was enjoyable to behold... I like how you tell me what it was you were trying to capture after you have shown me... nice.

  2. realisties to flee... one, a million, take your pick!

  3. I liked this, nice discovery your blog. I like mixing language and math. Once somebody asked me if I thought that that language was intrinsically mathematic, and I tend of agree with it. Borges would said you can escape all realities and also be in all of them.
    I wouldnt worry about n and 0 I would worry about her not melting, that is one of the really sad things in life

  4. Thank you Marina. Sure language and mathematics both have mystical properties. I'm just not sure what they are.