Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Mysterious Topology of Knot Formation

What with his egg-shell skull
and red beard full of demons,
discoursing on at the wake
just below the broken mirror
to a table full of tear-stained relics,
his disagreement almost convinced me
that my perfect idea was lame enough:

but fat and squat and supremely certain,
he surely would have been uncomfortable
under a tent in the endless rain,
and his snort of sure derision
only served to steer my head,
to make my path that much clearer
after being almost kissed by Jimmy's axle.

(There's a possible context for this
for which I have no name or address-
one of the places where there's a shrubbery
on every goodly trimmed and godly corner lot
and a licking tongue for each steaming greasy pot,
where a perfect photo has yet to be taken,
in which the sneaky mouse cannot be seen.)

Suddenly a great truth dawned upon me-
that hippies can be assholes too.

His seed no match to man up man enough,
I made plans to see that house with the mansard roof,
with inside delivery and liftgate service,
because the claw that holds the bloody ball
has a ticking face on each grasping talon.

I had started to count before the true beginning
and almost missed the truest end:

Towards him, I just smiled and said of course.


  1. excellent storyline in this poem Gerry, superb :)

  2. Hey, Gerry, I love "red beard full of demons". The "grasping talon" sums it up quite well!

  3. Filled with fascinating details that send me on tangents (a good thing.) My favorite:

    "where a perfect photo has yet to be taken,
    in which the sneaky mouse cannot be seen"

    Man, I love this.

  4. You connect disparate dots with fluid wording here. So many good lines, but the red beard full of demons takes the cake IMO.

    Bravo sir!

  5. Lots of really strong images here, Gerry. But then, you are the master at creating such imagery.

    "...the claw that holds the bloody ball
    has a ticking face on each grasping talon"

    Definitely my favorite two lines!


  6. @william: thanks. yes, unusually linear for me, huh?

    @willow: thanks dear willow.

    @Megan: Man, I'm glad you do.

    @OE: A popular line for sure. Thanks.

    @Nevine: Hello Nevine, how have you been? Appreciate the appreciation. ;-)

  7. Gerry,
    This wonderful piece just ended too soon.
    More please!!


  8. @Eileen: OK,I'm writing as fast as I can. LOL. Thanks.

  9. my brain is melting... thankyou it always gets in the way anyway

  10. @mudhead: Perfect. I always set the controls for the heart of the sun. Welcome and thanks for stopping by.

  11. Beautiful.. How I wish I can write like you do.

  12. @Sashindoubutsu: What a beautiful name. Thanks for your kind words. I suspect you can write beautiful words too. Reading and writing and feeling is all you need. The feeling comes naturally (I know you have that), the others just take practice and a love of words and sounds. Cheers.

  13. Gerry, that's fantastic. I can't say emphatically enough how highly I rate it. Each line seemed to trump what had gone before - and it was top drawer from the off. Superb.

  14. Holy crap, that's amazing. Sensei, I have little to say. But it's all positive, and none of it as well-built as the poem.


  15. @Dave: Thanks Dave. And now that you've raised the bar, I expect to see some more excellent extended efforts from you. I'll be watching. ;-)

    @Old: I'm amazed that you're amazed. Thanks.