Sunday, May 30, 2010

now we fade to green

When the snooze button breaks
only a drift from the dream
there was a chapel in the pines.

What I had called the marker
was really just a hallway light
to let me know you were coming
spring when promise blossomed.

That never really happened
because we were only born
a few brief moments ago,
triangles of narrative memory
etched in missives of moist clay.

The pastel dress of blue and lime
that I dreamt of lifting high
over your head in ceremony
to mark your privet
with mad muddy wails,
a vitrine before you sighed
in shatter on flat ground.

Many spoons of downing stew
sanded hunger into burnt tongues
of catty chatter bored in grainy doors,
leaving just enough browned sugar
to invent hallways of tongue
but not enough to sizzle brains
into a final spasm of lust:

I had already fucked everybody
that had ever danced
dances still
or will dance into the future.

The authority was you.


  1. I loved these hallways of brown sugar, dreams that bore infancies of new relationships. I am lost in the ending, curious about it now.

  2. @W&W: Thanks. The ending? Hmmm. I am of the belief that a poem explained is a poem destroyed. Warmest apologies.

  3. A poem that captures the energy and emotion of human relationship... I really liked this line... "triangles of narrative memory"!

  4. Gerry,
    Happy Belated Birthday!

    I loved the mysterious feel to these words.
    The best part of all is the comment you made,
    ''that a poem explained is a poem destroyed''.
    Thank you for inspiring me!


  5. helloooo gerry...
    i love what you try to say here...
    the end is lively and a bit cunning too....
    amazing....cheers ....
    good wishes ....

  6. @CathM: Thanks.

    @Eileen: Thanks and thanks.

    @lesifin: Too much really. xoxo

  7. @manik: thanks. and hello to you. namaste. I think you've got it!