Monday, September 5, 2011

letter to the inscrutable

Oh, I missed you honey
while I was pretending
to be a rabbit.

It was a puppet really
but I had to get the voice just right
and that took longer than expected.

And the challenge of using my hand
in unusual ways caused a delay
in getting back to the balcony.

It's hard to speak in coney ways
with a middle and a pointer
and thumb and pinky paws.

I hope you'll understand.


  1. hi! i found you over on Poets United and decided to stop by. i really like the voice here and the final line. there's something very sincere about it... :) xo

  2. @Dana: Thx for stopping by. Just a bit of lark from a sincere knucklehead. I'm always messing around with words. To what end I do not know, Cheers.

  3. you got me with that first stanza. your mind is an amazing place.

  4. I don't wanna put my foot in my mouth so I gotta hand it to you! :>)

  5. Wonderful. And bravo to the puppet.

  6. @Harlequin: Thx. My wife always says that your the only one that really gets me. Ha!

    @vaz: cool comment. thx for the read.

    @Dave King: Thanks for stopping by. Curiously, for me, an accesible piece. Cheers.

    @Gordon: I don't where this came from. Let go into the mystery, I suppose.