Tuesday, September 20, 2011

the persistence of crickets just shy of crescendo

the persistence of crickets just shy of crescendo
pierces the leathery cornucopia leaning to hear
a wet shoe unashamed in post rosy dawn that
some will twitter uncanny in lush under thickets-

it's gray steel clearly that sneaky catbirds sing without guilt
and russet cleared pines lean crisp for a fox to suddenly blush:

in that one minute I was only a listener bent to consider
and nothing else mattered at all.


  1. loved this first line... just shy of crescendo.... wonderful... especially with crickets.

    i remember my first encounter with crickets... i had moved to the prairie from the east coast (where there are NO crickets) an hearing this noise... one of the kids in my class told me it was a cricket. i pictured a huge beast out back rubbing its legs together...
    this poem brought me right back to that amazing noise on that hot dry almost summer night.

  2. What a totally cool opening - the whole thing very lyrical and listenable. Excellent poem, and thanks for sharing it.

  3. @Harlequin: No crickets on the east coast? I must have tinnitus.

    @Old333: Cheers matey.

    @Nelson: Thank you.