Sunday, November 10, 2013

An Arctic hare might leave a trail

When a rabbit thumps its bottle
against a brittle cage it's rattling
hard to lodge a plaint at matins
because you know they know
a thing or two: with ears alert
it's unlikely to surprise me.

The forecast calls for snow
but I don't believe in maps
except, after the fact, when
I've already been in place.

Then I can pore and bore for days
over an unfolded map pale green,
trying to recall a place I've been.

Canada creates the northwest
wind but Canada must be an
illusion, for a pale yellow wash
has no color on my strong map.

I'm sure the clouds are cold now
in whirlwinds a flake sore I saw
and winds have not yet begun.

Something has the power in wind,
deaf, I cannot hear its name.

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