Sunday, November 17, 2013

Pax Novella

If you're gonna give your life to a book
make sure it's not made of sand the
grains become inscrutable when you
turn each grain in your leather hands,

scratches formed a million years ago
now truth etched in creepy green;

I am no longer sure what vellum is either
but the word is nice as a begin to believe.

Yes, I am quite sure now that (gasp!)
you should find your truth in vellum
and seek a bookbinder who can emboss
an upgrown bloom curled in leafy gold.


  1. Gerry,

    You have returned me to great memories of ink-stained blotting paper and good quality Basildon Bond notepaper.High vellum quailty and always available in Belfast in spite of all else...However, the quality of the life to be scripted might not sit well on such parchment..


  2. I just love the feel of this. The flow through my mind's fingers.