Monday, May 11, 2009

the crushing ubiquity of chainlink

maybe it was the stalking mystery
that ran the perfect sidewalk blind,
waiting to pounce from the pebbled curb,

that forced the bark of health to wonder
whether claws could crack the code
and the scarlet purring of a cougar mind.

sure, there was mustard slathered rye
and the delivery of a crumbly toast
to dispel the cryptic myths of bread:
a carnage of sandwich in a deft parade,
that produced this lathering of frothy madness.

what was missed in the grim procession
was a reaper moving from black to red
through the harvest of suburban hedgerows:
a scythe of pink deliverance in curved disguise.

one build-up, one moment, one release,
in the technicolor pomp of circumstance,
to pierce the pump that pumps no more:

one long commuting train leads to return-
it's a lonely way to save a crumpled ticket,
to come once again upon the carnal thicket.

it was just a canine flashing for a pound,
a reet petite on the down low snapping ,
insanely unaware of the limit of the links:
one bubbly ocean cry for foamy limits
in the uncertain azure of your prison mind.

no wonder dogs play poker.


  1. OK, first read I was thinking wtf? All on me. I was thinking, I need me a Gerry Boyd class 101, and then on the second reading, holding fast to the title, I think I might have gotten it. I'm going to tell myself I'm right and go to bed now. Either way, the language is wonderful to read aloud. And I don't blame the dogs one bit! At least the winner goes home with something.

  2. For me, it's all about the language and trying to paint with sounds and feelings in a rhythmic riff, if you want the GB 101: Expressing what you need to express in the only way you can express it. The rational meaning is there but follows later, even for me, like a dog, not always friendly, following you home. Ultimately, the real meaning is in the mind of the reader and either works or does not. My take is a mere suggestion. Sleep well WIAW.....

  3. Staggering!!! I am deriving something new each time I read this one. Love your style of expression!!! I really do!!! Keep writing!!!

  4. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm this is why I am liking your words Mister Boyd. You are another one I have found, who is good for the old grey matter that lies dormant within me.
    There is such a flow to this baby, taking the reader (this reader)into a breath of the wind and then suddenly bam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    'no wonder dogs play poker.'
    The breeze ceases, but the feeling (thought of such) remains.
    Good write, you!

  5. Funny. I was going to say the rhythm and sound is what really got me in this. Then I saw I was "right" reading above. :) Really, I have a lot of respect for the poet who masters sound.

  6. I can only plead guilty to supreme knuckleheadism. I do so much appreciate you guys and gals hanging in there and finding something to enjoy. These all work for me in a way that I cannot really explain. I would hope that, at some point, they make you laugh at something that's, ultimately, just on the brink of stretching what language can obtain. For me, it's somewhat an experiment on the edge of words and meaning. What can you really say? If I could be more straight-forward, I would simply write an essay.