Saturday, May 9, 2009

laying down an offer of peace [sic]

hey little lamby,
come here I'll lick your thigh-
nothing scary,
just a nibble where fleece is shorn.

the pierce will be the start of spring,
but not with fang or claw-
just a little nudging
that will move you into bloom.

there is no blood this cycle,
just lapping at the place of birth:

the lion suckles too.


  1. Hmm, I am inferring many things via this one. Mainly politics! The end steals the show!!! Great writing here!!!

  2. "the pierce will be the start of spring"
    wow. I like this. Slightly erotic, carefully luring and ultimately dangerous. Eek.

  3. Your words take the reader(this reader)in deep and the word 'naturally' kinda sticks to the side of my brain. Why? Like with 'naturally' there are severl ways of looking at such, the same with your words written.
    Good one, you.I always like something that makes me think, because I don't do enough of such *sigh*

  4. I humbly thank you all for noticing my silly little scribblings. I do amuse myself on occasion.

  5. The eroticism of this was excellent. It's hard to walk that line, and you do it stunningly.