Saturday, May 23, 2009

soap is dosas spelled backwards

It's easy to despise the sardonic grins of spoiled poodles-

Many also claim that potato rolls are the lowest form of bread:
It is hard to disagree more without intending violence.

There was a man whose highest gift was the ranking of soups:
He's better suited for tidal water, the sea is just too much-

He's coming back as a dog,
Skipping cat completely.

Muddy jeeps parked at jaunty angles
Hint at something you cannot grasp.

The universe is larger than your stomach can hold.


  1. and dosas is a tasty sopapia no?
    Knight of a Write Mind I see, said the Cat who came back as her dog's human. ;)
    Love to read you my friend.

  2. And what the heck is a potato roll? Anything like a Tootsie? I find I read your words at least a cup.full of times. I appreciate them more each time. Hugs and keep up the wonderful writing Maroon. xo

  3. and thank goodness for that! Gives us all something to hope for!

  4. A delightful read!!! Keep at it!!!

  5. Very sensitive observations, lyrically written. I like the expression: "the sardonic grins of spoiled poodles" :).

  6. a little bit of everything...

  7. Much obliged all. Not sure where this came from but it gave me a burst of amusement.

  8. OK, I've given myself permission to read without dissecting and it's fun! But those jeeps, their talking to me.