Wednesday, July 22, 2009

how semantic quivers make the world go around

rummaging through the sub-text
of an already bloody encounter,

trying to salvage, like Proust,
the personal pronoun,
the ambiguity of which

fueled this tragedy of miscues:

when you said "She's very friendly",
I thought you meant your dog.


  1. Very nice. Love the ending. Your style has great eloquence.

  2. Nice!!! Loved the last lines..:) But why did you end it so small this time?

    Was hoping to see some more verses..:)

    Keep writing!

    P.S. I also like the way you start from the centre of a true incident.. gives a natural feeling to the poem!

  3. the brevity works here... you knew right where to stop, and that is part of the poem's brilliance.

  4. Very nice! I like this one a lot, Gerry!


  5. loved the miscues... so much of lost and found hangs on these.... in so many dimensions..

    been preoccupied with work BS over the past ten days or so and have been so happy to read and enjoy your words and storying... thanks for the sustaining reading!

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  7. I liked this one a lot, Gerry! The structure is brilliant and sharp. The poem has an edge.

    Even though I enjoy your longer ones (they are always well-written), I am very into concise verse like this one. This might have to do with my nordic belonging.

  8. At long last I found your blog... thank are great I love the way you write. Yes. Simple and dense; just the way I like it.

  9. An already bloody encounter, and you made it humorous :). There's quite a story in there somewhere, Im sure.

    I found the lines brilliant.

  10. Everything about this ones is brilliant .. Or so I believe ! It is brief ... I like to read/write brief poetry. This one has got everything ... from the title to the end .. everything was enjoyable. Very cleverly penned indeed. Keep writing ...

  11. My family has what they call "that's all" stories; the story is short and ends with that phrase, and so many people look at us askance because they don't get the point. Yours is a that's all story. Masterfully done, I might add. The brevity adds to the impact.