Wednesday, July 29, 2009

the shady jargon of an azure remembrance

i. the scarlet babble of a mind that justifies

I painted a frieze of sea girls frivolously slick
with a bottle brush of Revlon Pink Chiffon,

I performed a soft manicure using musty chapters of twelve
that sanded erotic half moons from the curt edge of sea-side taffy:

there were so many hungers, so little time.

why hasn't someone invented a cherry cheese-burger?

ii. the periwinkle distraction of involuntary memory

so, she walked with a pink indifference
along the cresting bank of innocent azalea:
a rising tide of inland salty foaming
that burst the day with a rosy madeleine.

is it really that easy to confuse
the loamy land and the salty sea?

that I thought so then is humbling now,
humbling in a way whose drift is only important
for an overboard body that has drifted
into the saline soup of crumbled creation:

this is one entrance into the apprehension of trite.

I only wanted a biscuit.

iii. around the browned curbed corner, there came a chime

the chromium bell of an instant savior
brought an unexpected parcel of cloudy frost
and delivered us from the evil of toasted almonds.

when you dogmatically live that life is sorrow,
life will happily obey with sweet, sweet sorrow:

the most profound verses screamed from a public address.


iv. friends long unseen with shocking lines

a small snipe of purple genius
can tremor the cranium, electrically,
with mattress memories of a former night-

I am not unfamiliar with
a set of synapses that fire at will.

if you can say one true thing,
I will surely say another,
equally untrue:

and so it goes.

though I call it love,
there may be another word
that is equally equal.

wading into surf was not enough,
wading into the surf had to be enough.

yes, we loved at first sight-
and still it's still not over.



  1. You leave me with a painting in my mind like one of Picasso's modernist canvasses...

  2. Gerry-to weave so intinsically and then end with such simplicity is really a treat. You have an ability many can only adnire. ~rick

  3. a moving testimony; thank you.
    I like how you intersperse food, colour and sentiment... nicely done.

  4. gerry -

    Your words are intriguing. I have to slow my brain to put it all together – I am working on it.
    Maybe I have to speed up my brain – but that's hard too. I’ll work on that.

    I have taken three links from your poetry blog list.

    Keep your work flowing,
    best wishes.

  5. "So many hungers, so little time" true,but time enough to be "Loved at first sight..still not over..still.."
    Lucky you!

  6. Missed your game of words for a while..
    Glad to be back here..:)
    Nice one, this one too! It really takes time for me to interpret the hidden picture within your flow of verses.. it slowly fits in, though!
    Nice work..Keep writing!

  7. thx all. been buried. less content. appreciate the continued reads.

  8. Very langruous indeed !! The thoughts I believe are very eclectic in nature. And the colors you choose to describe the events amuse me to no bounds !! It takes some time to let the thoughts in your words sink in ....

  9. I must say, the food took me by surprise every time, with a sort of comic relief effect. It doesn't feel out of place though, in the same way that Shakespeare's bawdy crass jokes can be perfectly in tune with the rest of Macbeth. If that makes any sense at all. All part of the circle somehow.

  10. @don't be emily: sure. profound comment, really.