Sunday, July 5, 2009

an unexpected exile causes a memory of the future

the windy reversal that made us wetly laugh
in that memorable June when the smoky rain fell
with a dripping insistence that cloaked the roof in musk
and aired the tarnished chimes in a sad, jazzy arpeggio:

in simple times the black climate is an arc that vaults
from downy tufts to the scraping of leather soles.

but the enchanting static of chanting matins
made a scarlet vacuum in the drainage tube that year-
when all we wanted was a savory tear to fall on salty lips:

why was it so hard to bring red closure in a time of dripping rain?
being unable to count the diamonds was not a crime that resonated
in the sparsely screened gazebo with deck chairs slowly yellowing.

the abstract pleasure of pulling purple smoke
can be easily settled in a variety of manners,
from blackly noxious to the wispy puff of now.

living a half-step beneath the melody of shrubbery,
your rough napkins could not rub away the rouge.


  1. Capture the moment in time...hold onto that moment, it's the one thing worth fighting for.

  2. Hi Gerry,

    I feel that there is an urgent yet restrained tone in this one. Brilliantly sublime.

    The last lines of your poems often helps me to understand the content better:

    "living a half-step beneath the melody of shrubbery,
    your rough napkins could not rub away the rouge"

    You are a master of riddles, jazzy salty stanzas, poignant reddish tones.

    Bravo! :)

  3. You are a Picasso of the word.


  4. I like the symbolism and incongruity between the texture and colour of ‘red/scarlet/purple/rouge’ versus the ‘smoky/downy/smoke/puff’. You have a real knack for putting words/images together that don’t naturally come together and creating an original, surreal, and at times surprising ‘blend’ of descriptions e.g. ‘black climate’ ‘savory tear’ etc. Once again, a poem that needs a lot of mulling over (smile). I’ve printed it off to keep re-reading and absorbing its mysteries…

  5. This is truly wonderful stuff. I just loved the way that last line rolled off the tongue.

    I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you and comment on some of your work - combination of laptop problems and just plain scattiness!

  6. Yes, red closure smacked me and woke me to what was flowing underneath this. Brilliantly tied together, beginning to end.

  7. you have a beautiful combination of mystic words and power.